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My name is Bob but I go by the handle Artmonkey79 in different places. I am a digital painter and illustrator. Though I also love to read and want to share my option of my thoughts and of course, my read books. 

The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride - William Goldman The Princess Bride "Why oh Why"
 I wanted to enjoy this. I really did. Though for me its a much better movie then novel. Just trying to get through the long descriptive passages made this a very hard read for me. 
In its def-fence I came at this after seeing and loving the film. The jokes are very similar if not exact on as in the film. Seeing how the film came after this novel. The book acts as a earlier draft to the film. 
If you haven't seen the film, please go watch it. The jokes work much better when you see the fantastic cast act them out. 
I do advise you to read the prologue, the author tells a fantastic story about how the book came into being. It was fun to read about how he worked on the story, turning it into a script and getting Andrea the giant to be in the film. For me Goldman is a fantastic screen writer and would be an entertaining one man show. Though in the endless sea of pages in a novel I find myself getting lost.