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My name is Bob but I go by the handle Artmonkey79 in different places. I am a digital painter and illustrator. Though I also love to read and want to share my option of my thoughts and of course, my read books. 

Diablo III: Heroes Rise, Darkness Falls

Diablo III: Heroes Rise, Darkness Falls - Micky Neilson, Cameron Dayton, Matt Burns, Michael Chu, James Waugh, Erik Sabol This collection of short stories is a nice addition to the overall franchise. Being a tie in book it is no surprise these tales of horror try to enhance the reader's connection to the world of Diablo three. Though it was an unexpected surprise to see the writers tackle much larger issues such as religion, mortality, and how humanity deals with a world falling in on its self; the ever present threat of demons ranging havoc. In many of the stories I felt like the main characters had a purpose and you felt bad for the crummy situations they had to face.
The collection has some lovely descriptive passages of rotting corpses and other disgusting things.
Though these descriptions only add poetic descriptions to the stories presented here. I never felt scared or had the need to find a corner of my bed room, rocking myself telling myself it will be alright because what I read was so horrifying.

Instead I enjoyed reading these action adventure stories with horrific elements.
Most of the stories focus on one of the main classes from the game it's based off. An exception to this was Theater Macabre: The Dark Exile by James Waugh. Instead of focusing on a character from the game it presents the overall arching story of Diablo three in an unexpected way.It was a nice change after reading a bunch of stories where I kept on asking myself "so what character classes is this one about."I wish they told more stories in the style presented in Mr. Waugh's addition to the collection.

If you are a fan of Diablo three and need more of that haunting world Heroes rise, Darkness falls might be worth a read.