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My name is Bob but I go by the handle Artmonkey79 in different places. I am a digital painter and illustrator. Though I also love to read and want to share my option of my thoughts and of course, my read books. 

The Black; A high seas thriller.

The BlackThe Black by Paul E Cooley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A suspenseful read, leaving the reader to wonder, or in this book's case; fear what will happen to the crew members on this oil rig. It will give you a good chill and make you drool with anticipation.
The book treats the situation it is presented with, where bad turns to worse as the biggest F.U. moment you can imagine. I mean that literally, this book uses the F-word like it is going out of style. I am not one to shy away from profanity though I wished I saw some more color with the cursing. It tended to take me out of the story and I don't think that was the writer's intent.
Otherwise I very much enjoyed this tale. The characters are being asked to face their fears and it felt like these lives where being screwed with and in dire jeopardy.
The female lead character,Vivian, I found very compelling as she operates as the make-shift resistance force here. Learning her backstory and that she trying to make her way in a 'man's world' made her ultimately my favorite character here.
The others that make up the rig crew are believable and I felt like I could relate to their situation, alone and just wanting a little bit of escape from this rough existence.
I look forward to read the next in the series.

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